Charity organization: Alon ng Pag-asa

Alon ng Pag-asa is a group consisted of different professionals who have the same point of views about volunteering stuff. The group has been promoting the tag “Voluntourism” which means volunteering while showcasing the natural beauties and hidden wonders of Philippines. Yeah there are some hidden beautiful places in the Philippines especially in remote communities which need some financial help.

In the month of April, their first destination was Jomalig Island, an island from east close to Pacific Ocean. They had to travel for almost 6 hours on the sea which was kind of exciting and dangerous due to some strong waves. Luckily, they were able to manage to reach the Island safely.



Yeah the boat was kind of small yet it is sturdy enough to handle the strong waves

Basically the programs started with games and stuff. The team has decided to prepare some games in order for the kids to experience some fun and entertainment. They also believe that it is important for a kid to play until young. The group fed the children with some soup and other foods. As the program ends, the group took a picture with the kids as remembrance of the wonderful event.


People of Jomalig are really very hospitable from start to finish, and everyone in the group was very happy for the results of the trip and programs. The group is actually looking forward to go back to give more and explore the whole island for promoting the tourism as well.


The group was lucky enough that there are no storms that has occurred during the trip. Everyone was thankful that they arrived to the island and got back to city safely. These pictures just show that you can showcase the beauty of the local sceneries while helping and giving smiles to the local inhabitants.


Guest Post by Jace De Los Reyes


**Note from Grasya: There are other point of views for voluntourism activities. Despite this, hope the good intentions should far outweigh the negative aspects of it.