Fund Raising events in the Philippines – March 2015

1. Fundraising for Patikul, Sulu

Ian Limbonis and friends will be doing a collection drive for used pens, pencils, crayons, etc at the end of the school year 2015.

They will also be raising funds for the rehabilitation of the school (paint, ceiling, chairs, table, doors, etc) soon. It will be co-created in the sense that community will do the labor. Materials for rehabilitation will be all that is needed. Any help is appreciated.

Any questions:
Joseph Ian Macalino “Ian Limbonis”
+63949 977 5837
fb: ian limbonis
viber: +63918 662 5987
twitter: @jibmax

Nash Usman Abduhadi
Kusug Batah Sug Chair

patikul sulu

2. Rice Bucket Challenge

Antique is surrounded by rice fields.. but still the irony is that there are people who still lack this basic necessity. Usually these are the elderly and people with disabilities.

This fundraising will aim to distribute 5 kilos of clean rice to our elderly, persons with disability and other people that needs support. This is our local response to fight hunger.

For details:
Jose Allan Sanchez Bartolo
Station Manager, Hot FM Bugasong

rice bucket challenge

3. This is Lola Porferia Ramos. For those of you living in the South like Alabang, Las Piñas or Cavite, you’ve probably driven past her numerous times already. She’s the old woman selling rags along Commerce ave. in front of Ayala Alabang (just before the Acacia-Commerce stoplight and intersection).

porferia ramos

As recounted by Marianne Ballesteros, she’s up by early morning to sell her rags and takes her breaks once in a while but for the whole day, she’s just standing there at the traffic island with no chair or shade whatsoever, just herself and her rags on her shoulder. She won’t even be able to chase those cars that zoomed past her if they wanted to buy the rags as she’s already weak and too slow to walk, let alone run. It’s just her luck if the car that stopped beside her wanted to buy from her or give her alms.

It would be really helpful if one person can help her provide her family’s meals for one day. How much more if there are a lot of you guys who’d be willing to help. Buying rags from her is also a big help for her as it fulfills her daily mission

Marianne is also fundraising for Lola’s medical check up. More details at