Gift Economy

The word gift economy was not familiar to me before but I have already experienced the benefits of this way of living.

Thank you to numerous souls who have been there for me while I was exploring this part of the earth.. The material or non material gifts I receive and gave was immeasurable.

Concrete example was when a lady from Africa treat me for taxi when I was lost in Malaysia. Another one was when I stayed at posh houses for free in exchange of something I can offer for free too.. like technical skills, article writeups, etc.

There was no monetary system involved yet the meeting of strangers giving and receiving left a great profound feeling that there is still hope in humanity. For those who wants to participate in this barter trade, below are websites that supports a gift economy. I hope freeloaders will not abuse the system. – default language is in Russian but you can translate it in English – the freeconomy community – a wiki about sharing and gift-economy practices – One Love Economy – only available in the US/Canada at the moment – Gift Economy in Couchsurfing – Barter for Knowledge – Small Business and Barter – Sta Rosa Tool Library – The tool library offers hand and power tools for landscaping, home repair, and automotive work … free of charge – largest recycling and re-use website on the planet. – formerly Relay Rides


I hope can evolve into something like the above websites.. or it can be more than that. But for now, I’ll let this site to be in the state of limbo. Do you know of a gift economy in your community? Feel free to share ideas.