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Rebellion against trash.

Let’s clean up the world together!

Let’s Do It!

We have seven billion people living on the Earth, but we have 100 million tonnes of garbage lying on the floor of our cities, forests, parks, and rivers. The same amount has ended up in our oceans too. We are living in the era of trash!

Did you know? The waste from our cities alone is enough to fill a line of garbage trucks 5,000 kilometers long – every day. The World Bank has announced that the global cost of dealing with all of this rubbish is only continuing to rise. We are wasting our planet and our money, and we don’t even notice it!

Let’s Do It! began in Estonia in 2008 when 50,000 people came together to clean up their entire country in just one day. Under normal circumstances it would have taken the government three years and € 22,5 million to clean up this illegal trash, but using the Let’s Do It! model – it took only one day, costing just € 500,000!

Soon after Estonia was cleaned up, other countries followed. Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Portugal and many other countries did the same. Slovenia still holds the record for participants, bringing out 14% of their population for a one-day cleanup action!

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Today, Let’s Do It! unites more than 11 million people in over 112 countries. Is your country on board?

Ambitious goals

The aim of this grassroots movement is to make change, both locally and globally, by working towards a cleaner, greener, and waste-free world.

The network keeps growing and new countries are always joining. Our goal is to involve 5% (approx. 350 million people) of the world’s population in Let’s Do It! cleanup actions by 2018!

Join us!

Become part of our international movement and let’s make change together!

Join an existing team in your country – to find out if there is already a team active in your country, simply go to the ‘Countries’ section on our web page where you’ll find the contact information and latest news from the local teams.

Start a cleanup in your country – what if you could create a difference and bring your entire country together for a massive and positive civic action? Especially for you, we have created manuals, tips and promotional materials, feel free to use them (www.letsdoitworld.org/join). We are here for you to share our know-how and help you in every step of your ambitious journey!

Map the illegal waste around your home – we have created a free app for your iPhone and Android phones that allows you to start mapping the garbage right away. Get your friends and family to do it with you! See more at www.letsdoitworld.org/mapthewaste!

Participate in the cleanup day – you can dedicate one day to make a big difference. Bring your friends and colleagues along, and help out by simply cleaning up.

Spread the word – we have created videos, flyers, newsletters, banners and other materials, so you can easily spread the word.

We believe that working together, sharing common goals and values, can change the future

Mediterranean cleanup

A unique civic partnership

Let’s Do It! moved from land to water in 2014 and started organising a Mediterranean cleanup action, which already involves almost all of the countries on the three continents surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. This unique sea cleanup will involve divers, yacht-clubs, fishermen, NGOs, schools, private companies, media, local municipalities, people of all ages and different religious backgrounds. It is bringing everyone together! Something like this has never been done before!

Despite its crystal blue waters, contamination in the Mediterranean Sea is very high. In certain areas the volume of micro plastic in the water exceeds that of plankton, and so we must act quickly to save one of our most beautiful habitats! Join the Mediterranean cleanup action, have fun with us and let’s clean up the Mediterranean Sea together!

See more information about the next Mediterranean cleanup action here: www.ldim.net

Let’s clean up the world together!

Many countries have started to rebel against trash, bringing hundreds of thousands of volunteers together to clean up their country – in one day. Estonia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Albania, Kosovo, Lithuania and Latvia have already turned out 5% (or more!) of their countries’ population on their clean up days! These actions have changed these countries for the better!

Country by country we can have a cleaner planet. Join the Let’s Do It! movement and let’s clean up the World together! For a clean and healthy world!

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