Project Mobile Library

A repost from my blog.

I’ve learned a new thing today.. that cocoa seeds from the neighbor’s tree looks like santol but tastes like mangosteen… I bet many of you city dwellers didnt know that .. or perhaps you know but only thru youtube xD

I’m surprised it doesnt taste like chocolate.. guess there’s a lot of process to do before it transforms into chocolate kisses..

I still have to learn many things in this hidden paradise.. and while I learn their way of living, I also wish to offer the people here ideas and wisdom from the concrete jungle… I wish for the future generation of this paradise to learn more so they can protect our nature more.. and at the same time, be global citizens too.

Someone told me about this student who takes care of the farm and sells farm produce in the market while reading french books.. Suddenly I remembered the Alchemist

I haven’t met this person yet but I’ll be delighted if our future generation will be like that.. they dont need to squeeze themselves in the polluted city just to be successful or get a good degree. They can be world class citizens in their own paradise.

So please help me and a group of concerned citizens realize this.. We need the following:

1. Books, writing materials, and other stuff that kids like
2. Laptops to let the young generation in the far flung areas know the world beyond their farms
3. A vehicle that will act as a mobile library… so books and gadgets can be truly shared.. ^_^

In the end, we will ensure the future of these darlings to be truly bright: