Projects highlights for 2014 and Future plans for 2015

It’s been a productive year for my projects.. Well some are still ongoing, but I have patience… And there are also lots of other organizations taking care of the same advocacy, so I feel ok to not rush.

I was always thinking is a one woman show because I was always calling for volunteers online but I feel like it has fallen on deaf ears so I have to reach out to people personally to get help.

But considering that there are still people who have reached out to me as a giver or as a beneficiary, I have come to the realization that I am not alone.

Please see updates of what has happened last 2014 and what future plans are in store for 2015:

1. Smart Pay It Forward Computer Tablets were given to different communities in the Philippines and in a children’s home in Hetauda, Nepal

Hetauda in Nepal

2. Featured different grassroot organizations including:
a. Dumagat Tribes in the Sierra Madre Region in Bulacan
b. World Cleanup Conference by the Let’s Do It Movement in Cebu
c. Green Helmets in Leyte
d. Ananda Marga Movement in Hetauda, Nepal

dumagat tribes

3. Homestay promotions ongoing
Currently, I am promoting homestays in the following area:
a. Chiang Mai, Thailand
b. Bohol
c. Leyte
d. Antique


4. Education advocacy
a. Library project ongoing, I need volunteers who have vehicles so we can drive around Antique or Panay area for the mobile library project
b. Scholarship will be redirected to Alternative Learning Systems, a project of the Philippine government for people who cannot afford to have a formal schooling

5. Care for Senior Citizens
I am monitoring the senior citizens in my village in Laguna and my two Aunts in Antique. So far the seniors in my village are taken cared of because they regularly receive benefits by different organizations and volunteers. On the other hand, livelihood funds have been donated to a beneficiary in Antique, feel free to contribute more.

senior citizens

6. Self sustainability projects
a. Workshop and promotion of Solar Panels gadgets
b. Farming network with female farmers around Asia
c. Self sustainability blog articles and facebook group

solar power bulb

Major Sponsors for 2014
P50,000 – Smart Communications
$100 – Lilia Oguis
Books – Maureen Clemeno Reyes and Family

Salute to the Volunteers
Enoch Chan
Chad Griffith

Please let me know how I can improve so I can be more of service to everyone. I know this website needs more design 😀

Also, I would love to focus on self sustainability and inner care for self. I notice I say yes to people which causes regrets, frustrations and jaded feelings on my part.. If this continues, it’s like dragging myself to volunteer.. which is an irony and not fun anymore..

I hope to establish a win/win scenario not only with my activities at but in everyday living..

I also would like to do a series of “what I did not buy” stories so hopefully I will downgrade the value of money.. so even if I will have money, I will not need it anymore :))

Aside from that, I still hope to continue to travel with purpose this year.. and hopefully in the upcoming years. Thank you dear Universe for conspiring to make these dreams come true.