Save Animals of Love and Light (Save ALL)

Save Animals of Love and Light (Save ALL) fights for animal welfare, rights and protection. We also rescue dogs and animals, have them treated and adopted.


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This group started as the Efforts to Save 20 Dogs on Death Row on Dec. 1, 2013.

We banded together to save 20 dogs due for euthanasia Nov. 29 at the Quezon City Pound in Metro Manila, Philippines. We were able to get a hold order from the Office of the City Mayor for one week,

From Dec. 3 to Dec. 6 (the date of execution), we were able to all 20 dogs.

On Nov 29, we were also able to get 2 mommies and 12 pups from the QC pound. Unfortunately, one of the puppies died the next day. All 11 pups have been adopted (only last month).

On Dec. 3, we got the first pound dog, Faith, and brought her to the clinic. She has been adopted.

On Dec. 4, we got 6 dogs.

On Dec. 5, we got 6 dogs.

On Dec. 6, we got the last batch of 7 dogs.

Also on Dec. 6, the QC Veterinary Office also asked us to adopt two cats, on of whom was pregnant. These cats have been adopted.

All the 20 pound dogs have been adopted but we have saved other dogs.

To date (July 5), Save ALL has rescued and given assistance to the rescue of about 88 dogs and cats Most have been adopted but five are still in the Mace Clinic in Mandaluyong for treatment, four are in the rented Home in Cavite, and one dog with distemper is with a foster, a mommy dog and three pups are with another foster.

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