Updates of social entrepreneurship projects 2015

It’s not what your friends can do for you but what you can do for your friends – is my current matra.

As I take a backseat in actively doing volunteer field visits to focus on my online projects, I still try to find ways to see how I can help those who are in my network to be self sustainable. I also must admit that I’m still in the development stage of being fully self sufficient. But yeah I’m moving forward. ^_^

I believe in Ubuntu and would like to extend assistance to friends who need help. Although, I also met people who disappear once I’m the one who is in distressed mode but this is also a lesson for me to choose who to deal with. Without further ado, here are social projects that are succesfull this year, feel free to collaborate:

Errand To Go is a project created during our brainstorming session with my cousin in Cebu. It’s aim is to provide paid gigs and errands to those who needs a part time job. So far, we have accepted translations, transcriptions and mystery shopping gigs.. ironically, no one asked us to do groceries or babysit their pet dog yet. Those who got gigs are from Cebu, Iloilo, Metro Manila and Kalinga Province.

Homestay project started when I traveled around the Philippines and in Thailand. I stayed in different homes and thought of why not promote them too? This way, the owners can have an extra source of income.

Guide to Self sufficiency is a project where collections of articles about sustainability are collected. That’s where solutions to social problems are also being discussed like recycling of plastics, building storm proof house, etc.

Vet on the Go is a project of my Vet friend. If you need Vets for your pets, feel free to visit that page.

Below are projects that are not yet gearing up. Either because I have no audience willing to buy or invest in the project, or simply because it’s not yet the perfect time for the project to bloom. But who knows what the future holds:

We Sell Sea Urchin is a livelihood project for a small community in Panglao, Bohol. Feel free to inquire if you want to buy sea urchins.

Plants for sale this is for my neighbor since she is a farmer and sell plant seedlings. My neighbor already traveled the world as a UN volunteer but now that she’s already a senior citizen, she just do her job as a farmer. Feel free to support her.

Online Cellphone Loading is supposed to be a play project for my niece but didn’t push thru. If you want to sell phone loads online, let me know so I can make you an admin.

Food Tour Asia is a project for my network in Thailand, Nepal, Vietam, and the Philippines. If you feel like having a food tour while on a holiday, feel free to inquire.

Peanut Butter for Sale

Holistic Religious store

So those are my mini projects.. I know they are a lot! But that’s better for me so I know which one will work or not earlier than focusing on one project at a time. If you want to see previous project updates, click here: