Where to volunteer around South East Asia

For those who wanted to take a gap break from their career, studies or just daily living, you can consider a short term volunteering stint in different charities and non profit organizations around South East Asia. Please take note that it is advisable to be a long term volunteer rather than just stay a few days. But for those who have limited time, consider the following trail:

Please look at organizations posted in this site. Or visit this article about a different travel guide to the Philippines.

Teach English to people with disability in Bandung, Indonesia, feel free to contact Fred Gaghuana

Volunteer your skills at http://bamboo-village.blogspot.com/

Save Elephant Foundation in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Volunteers who will stay for a month or more are welcome at Sunshine School, Laos

Feel free to contribute information of organizations that needs volunteers. Also, you can avail of remote coaching while you are traveling around South East Asia, this will be on a pay as you can basis. Email grasya(at)grasya.com for more details.